Reserves Lighting


  • Classic Crystal: Sparkle, Sparkle! Perfect for dining rooms, entryway, over dance floors and bars. The Classic Crystal chandelier captures a modern and elegant bohemian style. This chandelier comes in a silver finish and features hand-cut and finely polished teardrop crystals. Glass arms, each with a candle base and dish, extend out from this silver plated chandelier. Small-20” wide x 22” tall, Medium 24” wide x 22” tall.

  • Globe Bulb Bunch: Simple materials—shown as 7 black cords, sockets, and light bulbs—yield a grand chandelier through the strength of design. Gathered in a unified bundle at the ceiling, the cords flare out to accommodate the mass of light bulbs below. Also available in larger clusters and single bulb/sockets. 7 Bulbs-16” diameter x 12” tall (15’ cord)

  • Disco: Mirror, mirror! Our disco balls reflect light in all directions, producing a festive environment. Their surface consists of hundreds of facets, nearly all of approximately the same shape and size, each having a mirrored surface 12” diameter.

  • Branch: Twined branches of smoothly polished driftwood house a scattering of bulbs on this contemporary and rustic chandelier. 26”wide x 24” tall

  • Mod with Black Fringe: Add drama and stir. Our MOD is dressed with six foot black fringe. Crystals peek out of these beauties. Hang individually or cluster together for a more dramatic feel. 7” diameter x 72” tall

  • White Wire:A modern cage light. This chandelier gives a pleasant light for any event. It spreads directed light across your dining or bar table while emitting a patterned shadow. 12” diameter x 9” tall

  • Tri Tier: Three layers of spear crystal hang from vintage chrome filigree bands for a festive sparkle. 12” diameter x 11” tall

  • Mod: A nice complement to our Classic Crystal series. Layered clear, square glass crystals hang gracefully on this polished chrome pendant to illuminate your event space. Hang individually or cluster together for a more dramatic feel. 7” diameter x 9” tall

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