Why Reserve


Why Reserve

Across all cultures and through history we celebrate our achievements, our milestones, our loves and our communities. We created RESERVE as a vehicle for people to add an original, thoughtful and contemporary aesthetic to any gathering.

We believe the creative process is as much at home in events as it is in a museum or on stage. Moreover in today’s world, we have access to ideas and markets that were unimaginable even a decade ago. Our charge is to bridge these new ideas and objects and bring them to the event market.

We are developing a dynamic inventory as well as powerful collaborations with our colleagues and clients. Our goal is simple and achievable – we aim to REDEFINE EVENT ESSENTIALS and to inspire those around us. We are constantly hunting for new things and dreaming up new designs. Basically, if we don’t have it already we can build it or hunt for it.

So Why RESERVE? Because we provide an exciting aesthetic, unparalleled service and an ability to inspire and create custom event essentials.

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